[14th day Series] May 14 is Rose Day & Yellow Day in Korea!

Today is the day where you’d see college /high school students carrying roses everywhere apart from their graduation day. Rose Day occurs every May 14th, a month after Black Day (the mourning and wallow in self pity day for Forever Alone Singles).

image credit: en.korea.com

image credit: en.korea.com

The way we see it, it’s really like a popularity contest: the more flowers you receive, the more popular you are. The concept of popularity a.k.a inki 인기, is really important in Korea. ^^ Probably more so since it’s a communal society, where decisions are made on a collective basis.

Also, the other practice on the same day is to eat curry, hence named Yellow Day. Usually, there are lots of Dontkatsu (돈까스) restaurants located near campuses and schools because it’s a popular dish among young students due to its “childish” taste and affordability.

Hope you get lots of roses this year! ^^